Venice Beach

Marina Del Rey is the first place I visited when I traveled to LA for the first time. Is such an amazing place. As you walk around the shore you can see l all these local shops full of art and  people around it. The sunsets in California are special, I now understand why photographers love them so much.  They always have different sets of colors on them.

Diversity is in the air , the beautiful colors of this beach reflect on my heart. I belong here. It has not been easy been away from home. I miss my family so much.   Thank God writing exists. There is no other cure than at least expressing how I feel.  Every time I write I feel every word takes one piece of the pain and transforms it into a beautiful piece of art, where my tears are part of blue beautiful river I an dark contemporary cybernetic  paradise.


This summer was special. I’m not saying it just to say it. I had such an amazing time with myself. After years of wearing fashion that made me feel less, I finally found a way being myself . I used to buy so much cheap and bad quality clothes. I’m not saying cheap ones are bad quality. I’m talking about how bad where my decisions toward shopping.

This year I finally started educating myself about how to make investments when It comes to buying clothes. I must say that seasons are so important when it comes to shopping collections. I does not makes sense buying a sale top that you will only be using for two weeks. Thats when I learned purchasing sales are not always the best investment to make.

I do have struggled economically sometimes in life. We all have. Now thats when I learned that not having a budget does not prevent nobody from having a style. Thats why I love this look so much. I forgot about brands. I just looked for a dress that had colors that made me happy. Also I wanted to show my legs. So when I tried this one I felt in the right place. I hope you guys like this one too.

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