Holidays in the Caribbean

Holiday season is gone. It passed away so fast I wish I had more time to enjoy it. I did so much that’s why It went so fast. I got the chance to travel to three super cool places: Puerto Rico, New York and San Diego. It all was definitely worth it. I honestly never thought I could have such a great time. None of these events were planned ahead of time. That’s probably the reason why It all felt so magical.

So I decided one night to take a look at a few flight websites. You know I’m always checking the tea so I did. I found this ticket for like $450 bucks roundtrip on Thanksgiving Day to San Juan and I was like WoW! Im typing that credit card code right now. I’m so glad I did.

As I arrived the island I felt the warm weather hitting my face on the airport entrance. Oh God I can’t stop missing the smell of the beach Cayo Icacos Island. It was so clear and soft blue, like a dream. The sun toned all my skin in such a nice way. Our friends picked us up in a Yacht and gave us a whole tour around this small island in the East coast of PR . We were able to do some snorkel and diving on the beautiful clear water.

The nightlife was incredible too. I grew up in Bayamon so I know how to party in there. It’s been years since I don’t visit Condado, a main street of nice nightclubs with dope electronic music. As I walked in, I recognized many friends from New York in the club. I had a great time.

I feel that there is the only place where I can find amazing beaches and Paradise in US. I love Miami too of coarse. But I feel there is more options in Puerto Rico. Also because is the island where I was born it has a special feeling for me.

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