3 Reasons makeup is the best cure for depression

There are many great things in the world. But for many women AND men the colorful world of make-up is heaven on earth. Many people don’t know how powerful is the positive energy that many folks generate from being playing with make-up hours in front of the mirror. I can’t speak for other people,But I have heard very inspiring stories about how it changed people’s lives.

For me make-up has been a great motivation from a very young age. After working long hours on a lotion booth when I was 17, I discovered the power of cosmetics. I started using a great foundation and there was no more acne in my face. I remember my first one was the L’oreal True Match liquid foundations that sells a lot in any walgreen. I would go to every interview with my face on fleek! I found my first job as a sales Representative in Clinique. That’s when first learn the magic of the beauty industry.

For many people being a makeup lover can sound a little superficial. Especially for people that doesn’t need to cover any imperfection in their skin. The truth is that some people have chronic conditions that can only be covered not cured. As a person that believes in energy I believe that if we focus of the positive we can say that cosmetics are a blessing. Soon I will be mentioning a few facts that will clarify the truth about these products.

In 2016 Estee Lauder Companies made 84 billion US Dollars and where considered the most valuable beauty and personal care marked in the world. I don’t even have 84 dollars on my bank account lol. It’s definitely a very lucrative business but you do have to know about what is the real good stuff to make you relevant.

1.Helps connect with other make-up lovers:

Have you ever though about how many people have you met through make-up? I have met tons of friends. They are not always the most real ones, but they are fun. It helps connect with your besties when getting ready. There is not more beautiful thing in my memories with friends than me and my best friend talking about make-up and laughing at our painted faces. I remember going to sephora with my other friends from school and having a amazing time trying new funny glittery things in the store.

Doing each other’s make-up is another great way that we connect as beings. Im a hairstylist and working in a Salon can be tough. Definitely is worth it if you get to do your colleagues’ hair and face. And of course they returning the favor, even though sometimes it doesn’t happen. Such is life I guess.

2.Instantly changes the way you look at yourself:

There is no excuse for looking ugly these days. You can go through hell for a year and if you wear a good foundation and concealer honey no one cares about your struggles. I have learned that is always better to be the warrior than being a victim. At the end People never give one single thing for free. That’s the ugly truth. There is always something beneficial behind every person’s action.

The fact that you can express how you feel with colors in your eyes is something to be grateful for. We have the privilege to choose what face you want the world to see in that moment. Its very important understanding that we are here in this world to create. We are creators and that’s the beauty of this beauty world.

3.Dramatically reduces anxiety and relaxes the mind:

There is nothing more fun in a party night than getting ready for one. Let’s be real meeting a bunch of strangers in an event can sound intimidating and stressful sometimes. But if you took the time and shop the right products for your skin tone and texture. The complete ritual of applying makeup before a party can super awesome. If you add some nice electronic dance music in the background, much better.

Generally speaking anxiety is caused by not knowing how a situation will turn out, Negative thinking and constantly ruminating unhealthy memories. When you are applying colors in your face and you have the option of blending and adding glitter, things get fun. It makes difficult for the mind to focus in sad thoughts when you are painting yourself prettier in the mirror for sure.

At the end of the day applying colors in your skin and adding shine is art. When you have art in your body you have a voice. A way of communicating how you feel in the inside is beautiful. We all feel different every day, expressing it in a creative way will not harm anyone. We need more makeup and less guns and war in this world that’s a fact.

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