My experience with HAUS Laboratories

First of all let me make something very clear. I do not used a PR package to do this review. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I had. Sadly I don’t have a big amount of followers to get free makeup every month.

I’m writing this one as a real beauty shopper. When the amazing Lady Gaga announced her beauty brand we all went crazy including my friend’s cute dog who is not even going to be wearing any makeup . LOL. As soon as the pre-sale was available I was there on the first row to order my products. I waited until 12am to make my order online. I Even made a video on my youtube page about it, I actually attached it to this post . And let me remind you that I was making my purchase with money that I hardly worked for like millions of middle class workers do every year. The prices were not low. I can’t say they were too high because there are higher ones out there. Bottom line they are not cheap. Spending $18 for a lip gloss has it’s responsibilities. Well, I made my order and I was not treated like other shoppers that’s for sure.

When september arrived we were all excited. After waiting almost two months, ( pre- order was on mid july ) finally everyone started receiving packages. After all that waiting, influencers started to review their PR packages and the Haus Labs trend kicked in. Days passed and there was no sign of Haus Laboratories package in my mailbox. At first I thought it was not just me, maybe everyone from California had the same issue. But when my friends from Puerto Rico called me with their products on hand, I flipped. I checked to see if there was any phone number I could call to explain my issue. There wasn’t any. The only way you can contact support is through email so I sent one explaining my situation.

I did not got any response at all. Days passed and nothing. I sent a second one again and nothing. However by the beginning of october I received a small pack from Haus Laboratories. Some of the lip liners that I ordered arrived and That made me smile until I realized that my order was not complete. I was missing the most important products: The haus of goddess collection. I finally had enough and I started commenting on their instagram account about my situation.

HAUS of Goddess

When I logged into the comments section I noticed other people did not received their products too. I went for those and wrote down my experience. Magically I received and email from support apologizing for the inconvenience. I stated that I wasn’t interested in the products anymore and they were super kind and issued a refund. On top of that they still send me the products completely free. I was shocked because I never expected them to be so understanding.

I still haven’t got the time to open the packages and use the products. However most of my friends have had amazing results with the brand. Including my mom, who is very allergic, is in love with her Haus lip gloss. When I get some time I will be doing a video opening the packages and testing all the makeup. I hope I do not get disappointed when I do. Of coarse I will ad it to this post too so you guys could see what happens.

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